Mentorship Program

The summer of 2018 Old To New Detailing started the mentorship program.  There are three facets to the program.  The goal is to teach the mentee about production, business operations and servant leadership.   The program length is eight weeks is a paid position.

The mentee will learn about detailing basics, equipment, troubleshooting and safety for production.   The mentee will also learn business skills which include: customer service, marketing, process improvements and budgeting for operations.  Last and most important, the mentee will learn about God and servant leadership qualities that will help the individual in future endeavors.

Old to New Detailing is pleased to introduce Jackson Locke.   Jackson will be a junior at Newark High School.  He hopes to earn a starting position on the men’s varsity basketball team.  In his spare time, Jackson enjoys hanging out with friends, playing video games and relaxing.   Old to New Detailing is Jackson’s first job.